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THERMOPROBE TP7 - Currently Out Of Stock.

The TP-7 enclosure is made of high impact plastic which dissipates static electricity and has proven to be unaffected by any petrochemical. The integral winding handle reduces dirtying of hands and clothing from oil.

Easily replaceable 9V Battery provides an average of 50 hours operation. If probe assembly replacement is necessary, finger operated terminals allow tool-less connection of wires. Circuit logic automatically indicates low battery condition, shows readout integrity before each operation, automatically shuts off after one minute and displays error codes for failure determination. The low power backlight for night operation is photo sensor controlled for convenience and battery conservation. Celsius or Fahrenheit units with C/F indication can be easily chosen by an internal selector.

Intrinsically safe thermometer Class 1 Div 1.


Temperature Range: 14 to 370F (-10 to 188C)

Accuracy: +/-0.3F 32 to 220F ( =/-0.2C 0 to 104C) - Long term drift not to exceed 0.05%/year. Probe Assembly exchangeable to within =/-0.2 @ 32F, =/-0.6 @ 195F

Battery Type: 9 Volt Akaline

Battery Life: Approximately 50 hours

Case Materials: Polypropylene Blend, Stainless Steel and Aluminum

Probe: Stainless Steel probe with static dissipating Teflon cable jacket 0.020" thick, Marked in 5 foot or meter increments

Standard Lengths: 50'/15m, 75'/23m, 110'/34m

Options: Extra Weight Probe, Asphalt Weight Probe, Extra Length Sensor, Railcar Sensor, Custom, custom temperature ranges, Independent Lab Certification

Typical Applications:

Custody Transfers, Inventory, Tank, Pipeline, Barge, Ship, Railcar, Tank Truck

Materials: All petrochemicals, caustic, acid, alkalies, powders, molasses, syrups, distilled spirits

Intrinsically Safe Class I, Div. 1.

Total Weight: 3 lbs.