Compact and highly portable Bodily Fluids Spill Kit for emergency use on up to two spills. Contains one blood spill pack and one urine and vomit spill pack.

Applications :

Small size kit suitable for areas where the risk / frequency of spillages is low or space is limited.  Used in hospitals, clinics, surgeries, laboratories and ambulances; dental and veterinary practices; nursing and care homes, schools, offices, businesses, ships, aircraft etc.

Can be kept in saloons, parlors, clinics, hospitals, laboratories and other medical centers as directed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

Safe for use by non-specialist staff and first aiders.
Refill packs can be purchased separately for all biohazard spill kits.

Contents :

• 1 x vomit / urine spillage pack
• 1 x blood spill spillage pack
• Illustrated step-by-step instructions
• Record card
• Hard sided, lightweight bright yellow case
• Wall mount


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