Vomit Bag is a compact, emergency sickness bag that prevents all the mess, smell, and clean-up that normally occurs when one suddenly gets sick (in the car, at home, amusement parks, boats, planes, work, etc.). Consumers want these for their cars, purses, bedside, travel bags, backpacks, etc.

Vomit Bag is the perfect solution whenever one feels sick from:

  • Flu season
    • Chemo patients
    • Travel: car, train, boat, or air
    • Drug or alcohol reactions
    • Motion sickness
    • Food poisoning
    • Pregnancy (morning sickness)
    • Amusement parks
    • Stomach virusHow is Vomit Bag unique?• Compact, easy-to-use design for everyone
    • Portable – easy to have on-hand
    • Captures all vomit and vomit smell
    • Prevents the spread of virus

    After use:
    • Twists shut to trap in odor & mess
    • Design features a hook notch for easy, spill-free disposal


About the Product :

• Eliminate exposure to vomit, helps eliminate odors
• Handy for use with Kids and pets, too
• Convenient closure system – twist, and secure bag into notched ring
• Emesis measurement
• Minimize spillage

Usage of the Product :
• In Cars, Planes, Schools,  Bus, Boat, Trains, Offices, Homes, Clinics & Hospitals.

Vomit Bag easily prevents the mess, odor and clean-up. Consumers overwhelmingly prefer to use Vomit Bag when they make it to public stalls for the above reasons.

When the urge to vomit is sudden, there’s often not enough time to grab one of these other containers or make it to the toilet. Vomit Bag’s compact design makes it easy to grab, use and dispose of, preventing the undesirable mess, odor and clean-up.


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