Spill kits are a must-have for industrial workplaces

Spill kits are a must-have for industrial workplaces. You never know when a spill of hazardous liquids might occur, and you want to be fully prepared if one does. Spills of hazardous substances such as chemicals, fuels, lubricants, and coolants cost significant amounts of money each year in lost revenue, lead to pauses in production, and result in safety fines. Don’t run the risk of improper spill handling. Instead enlist the help of a proper spill kit equipped with supplies to fit your business’ unique needs.

We offer multiple spill kit choices including Universal, Oil-only, and Hazmat. You can even create a custom kit to meet your specific emergency needs.

To keep employees away from areas where potential spills could occur, try using floor marking tape to mark the boundaries of hazardous areas. These tapes come in bright colors or striped patterns to catch the eye and communicate important information.