Spill kits are a must-have for industrial workplaces

Spill kits are a must-have for industrial workplaces. You never know when a spill of hazardous liquids might occur, and you want to be fully prepared if one does. Spills of hazardous substances such as chemicals, fuels, lubricants, and coolants cost significant amounts of money each year in lost revenue, lead to pauses in production, and result in safety fines. Don’t run the risk of improper spill handling. Instead enlist the help of a proper spill kit equipped with supplies to fit your business’ unique needs.

We offer multiple spill kit choices including Universal, Oil-only, and Hazmat. You can even create a custom kit to meet your specific emergency needs.

To keep employees away from areas where potential spills could occur, try using floor marking tape to mark the boundaries of hazardous areas. These tapes come in bright colors or striped patterns to catch the eye and communicate important information.

Plastic / Cable Security Seals

Cable Security Seal

The Cable Breakaway seal is secured by turning the provided shear bolt until it securely locks the wire in place. The shaft of the shear bolt breaks when it has tightened the wire completely – and the seal can only be opened with a cable cutter.

  • Laser printed on rib pattern body to protect sequential number.
  • One way locking mechanism.
  • Pull Strength over one Ton.
  • Galvanised steel wire when cut frays opened.

The Cable Breakaway seals are highly cost effective compared to other cable seals made from premium quality materials.
Be assured of better security with our innovative use of materials and industrial design.

  • The Cable Seals are etched with permanent laser marking.
  • Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed or replaced.
  • The exterior has been designed with a rib pattern, which protects the marking during rough handling.
  • The Cable seals are highly suited to securing valuables for longer periods of time because of its simple yet very efficient locking.
  • One end of the cable is permanently secured into the locking body.
  • The Cable Breakaway seals are all anodized in solid colours which accommodate customised laser marking.
  • Anodising also makes colour coding possible and eases identification from a distance


Tampering is a risk any industry with sensitive data and cutting-edge technology has to contend with, but nowhere is the prospect of duplication or substitution more chilling than in the medical environment. It is easy to maintain sterility of procedures and experiments with the right solutions, but the results of the same also need to be safeguarded against alteration.

Instances Where Security Seals Are Mandatory:

Before diving into the different types of tamper evident seals that are used in doctor’s offices, pharmaceuticals, pathologists and hospitals, let us take a look at the ways in which tampering can have an adverse impact on the medical industry:

  • Drugs that are considered addicting or fatal in large doses need to be kept under strict supervision. Most pharmacies and doctors conduct a weekly volume count of these medicines and reconcile the leftover stock with the dosages dispensed. In order to discourage the unapproved circulation of these drugs, security seals are extremely important.
  • Sensitive medical reports are also stored in sealed cabinets so that private physiological data pertaining to diseases and health indicators are not viewed by unintended parties.
  • Samples pertaining to critical tests like the carcinogen marker and HIV also need to be individually sealed so that there are minimal chances of conveying incorrect information to apprehensive patients.

We are market leader in the domain of tamper evident high security seals. We have a number of special seal types for the medical industry and all the units are fully customized, right from color and barcode to adjustment length.

  • Pull Up & Pull Tight Seals: These are also known as adjustable length tamper evident seals. Mostly made of plastic they are versatile and encircle everything from large vials of drugs to sample bags to ensure that contents are not disturbed.
  • Fixed Length Plastic Security Seals: These are considered to be the most secure of all seals as any sign of tampering can be very easily detected.
  • Padlock Seals: These also come with a number of customization options and are easy to apply. Padlock seals do not require additional tools to use and have a very snug fit for maximum protection.

Maintaining the integrity of data and samples in a medical environment is of paramount importance. security seals give you the confidence to store equipment and specimens without danger of tampering.